On August 17, 2013 Dax Bakarich was a 2 ½ year old little boy having just another super day. He was doing something he loved…hanging out at the pool with his family and friends. That beautiful day went horribly wrong in a flash when Dax was found face down in the deep end of the pool. Lucky for Dax, it was only a flash, and double lucky for him, all three adults present knew CPR. That is how many people it took to help make this miracle happen. One to swim to him and get him out of the pool (Mommy), another to call 911 and take directions (Jami) and most importantly one (Andrea) to turn into Superwoman as she performed CPR on his lifeless little body, fighting and bringing him back to us as the paramedics arrived.

After a lot of reflection and healing we recognize that accidents like this happen every day and to anyone no matter how safe and attentive you are. Unfortunately, most will never realize this until it’s too late. Since this miracle happened, we have decided to make it our mission to help others turn their tragedy into a miracle. The best way to do this is to educate and train. We hope to do this for as many people that will let us through our foundation Train It Forward.

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